Top 7 rarely seen Simpsons characters

September 3, 2009 at 12:17 pm (Simpsons, Top lists)

I really love The Simpsons, it comes close to obsession to be honest. I own almost all the collectors edition box sets and I have watched them all at least 3 times. So yeah you can say I am a fan. A big part of this comes from the fact that the Simpsons universe is huge with a lot of different characters all with their own story and personality. Ofcourse everybody loves how stupid Homer his and we all wish we could’ve been more like Bart when we grew up. Even characters like Moe the Bartender and Chief Wiggum are fairly regular and beloved but this list goes one step further. These are the characters you hardly ever see but are still great!

7. Grandpa Lovejoy

Wow it is impossible to find an image of this guy on the interwebs. The father of Reverend Timothy Lovejoy makes only one appearance in the entire show but what an appearance it is; Inside a burlesque house enjoying himself with two dancers. Awesome!
Appearances: 1 (Bart After Dark)

6. Baby Gerald

baby gerald unibrow
Baby Gerald is the arch enemy of Maggie Simpson. The unibrowed baby has the meanest look you’ve ever seen from a baby but other then that doesn’t really do anything on camera. It was once revelealed that Gerald causes a lot of mischief in the town but it is never shown.
In the “Bart in the Future” it is made clear that Maggie and Gerald stopped being enemies and even got married.
In the new Simpsons intro Gerald also makes a quick cameo.
Appearences: 6 (Sweet Seymour Skinner’s Badaaaaaassss Song, Lady Bouvier’s Lover, The Canine Mutiny, The Joy of Sect, Last Tap Dance in Springfield, Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples, Teens and Gays )

5. The Very Tall Man

very tall man
Modeled after Simpsons writer Ian Maxtone-Graham, the Very Tall Man is in fact a very tall man. He drives a Volkswagen Beetle which of course makes his appearance in the car hilarious. He marched Nelson (ha-ha) down the main street of Springfield with his pants pulled down for laughing at him once and was also seen taking the coach to New York City. All in all a rarely seen character you wouldn’t miss if he actually appeared
Appearances: 3 (22 short films about Springfield, The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson, The Simpsons Guide to Springfield)

4. Database

Database is the biggest nerd of Springfield Elementary. With his love for anything sci-fi, his thick glasses and his annoying nasal voice (Simpsons creator Matt Groening says he cringes everytime he hears it and that he hates the character) what else could he be. Database hangs out with the other nerds of the school in a group called “The Superfriends”. He is highly intelligent but is rarely seen outside the school or comic book store
Appearances: 13 (Bart’s Comet, The PTA Disbands, ‘Round Springfield, Lemon of Troy, The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show, The Old Man and Lisa, The Principal & The Pauper, Mayored to the Mob, Skinner’s Sense of Snow, The Bart of War, 24 Minutes, The Simpsons Movie, Homer and Lisa Exchange Cross Words)

3. Arthur Crandall & Gabbo


Arthur Crandall is a ventriloquist and with his dummy Gabbo he launches a very successful TV show. So successful that he manages to crush Krusty in the ratings getting the Krusty Show cancelled. It all seems harmless but it is soon found out that Crandall hates children (and he outs it via his dummy Gabbo, showing a severe mental disorder in Arthur Crandall’s mind.) Still Gabbo is an awesome puppet who manages to get into this list at number 3. So what have we learned, swearing puppets equal ratings!
Appearances: 3 (Krusty gets Kancelled, Bart to the Future, The Simpsons Movie)

2. Sideshow Raheem

sideshow raheem

Apart from maybe Disco Stu, it doesn’t get any cooler then Sideshow Raheem. This predecessor of Sideshow Bob and Sideshow Mel was Krusty’s sidekick during the 70’s although Krusty semmed a bit scared of him. In the Krusty the Clown 29th anniversary show Krusty is seen remarking “Angry, angry young man”
Raheem refused to get hit in the head with a hammer in one show. Later he is shown attending Krusty’s “funeral” and in the all black church. Rarely seen but a favorite too many!
Appearances: 3 (I love Lisa, Bart the Fink, Milhouse of Sand and Fog)

1. Duffman


Duffman, oh yeah!
Duffman is the best of the rarely seen Simpsons characters basically because he is the coolest Beer mascot you’ve ever seen. B eing portrayed by a number of people over the years Duffman always keeps his cool and thrust his pelvis whenever he finds the time to do it. Duffman always refers to himself in the third person and describes his actions while doing stuff. “Duffman can never die! Only the actors who play him!”
Appearances: 13 (The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson, The Frying Game, Comic Fan No More, Marge and Homer turn a Couple Play, Homerazzi, Hungry Hungry Homer, Old Yeller Belly, He loves to Fly and he D´ohs, Eternal Moonshine of the Simpsons Mind, Pygmoelian, The Great Louse Detective, Jaws Wired Shut, Lisa and Homer exchange Cross Words.’


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